Proud of our creative approach to problem-solving, we help you unlock the potential of your most valuable asset – your people.

We are a specialist practice, providing strategic advice to boards of directors and senior executives of ASX 150 companies.

People and Performance

We adopt a 'strategy first' approach to:

- Interrogate and design remuneration and reward frameworks

- Facilitate board effectiveness and senior leadership talents reviews and development programs that support organisational objectives


We assist you:

- To effectively and proactively plan for both board and senior management succession

- In transitioning your CEO and other C-suite executives - from legal considerations, through to remuneration and communication

Stakeholder Communication

We design programs to help you to effectively communicate - both internally and externally - the value in your decisions and approach around people and performance succession or your broader market messaging

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CEO succession - on the front foot

The single most important task of a board of directors – the decision that can deliver, or cost, millions or billions of dollars – is the appointment (and removal) of a CEO.

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Communication – inside out and upside down?

Companies now put so much effort into communicating with shareholders and the broader market, particularly around remuneration.But are you putting as much effort in to communicating with your people? Are you putting as much effort into pulling together how each of the components fit together and support your strategy? Are you pointing out any concessions made to meet market expectations? Are you highlighting the value for executives – and getting them excited about what awaits them if performance targets are met? ..

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